Comments/Suggestions Submitted

23/05/17 Gareth Jones
A priority for the Society is to have an input into the work done by schools on Welsh History. If you are able to contribute in any way to this then please contact us ľ or join the Society here, of course!

14/04/20 Aida Birch
The Owain Glyndwr Website relates Welsh History in the most interesting and colourful way. The contents of the website gives a visual insight into early Welsh history that will inspire the young readers and adult readers.

07/10/20 Mike Elfed Williams
The Society's website continues to expand the mediaeval history of Wales in a very satisfying way, particularly with this year's recent additions of the 'Mediaeval Wales' and 'Lords of Afan' sections which complement each other nicely. For those who are interested in pursuing more detail, the Open University's OpenLearn facility provides (among many other courses) 'Welsh History and its Sources'. This is a free, online course of 25 hours with no timetable and no exam, so it can be accessed whenever the student likes. The beginning of this course covers the final conquest of Wales by Edward I, by the well-known Welsh Historian J E Lloyd, and the detail of ruthless efficiency and obsession (in addition to the enormous financial cost) shown by Edward in finally conquering the north of Wales, and the resulting national misery leading up to the rise of Owain Glynd┼Ár, places 1400 AD in an important context.

08/10/20 Malcolm Lloyd
Thankyou Mike for your valuable contribution. A link to the free Open University course has been added to the Medieval Wales section of the website.